T’nalak Sail Shirt

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An oversized shirt inspired by pre-industrial forms, resembling the sails of a ship. The handwoven double-ikat t’nalak fabric on the sleeves is made by master T’boli dream weavers of the Philippines. The fabric’s design, which often resembles that of a crocodile’s skin, comes to the weavers in a dream, and is said to protect its wearer. Flatters a range of body types. 

  • 100% natural cotton
  • 100% abaca fibre
  • 100% botanical dyes 
  • Natural ink silk-screened cotton labels
  • GOTS certified organic cotton sewing thread
  • Cut and sewn with care in Bali

This piece is made to order and will be ready to ship within 30 days of the order date. Limited stock may be available for immediate shipment.

Amira is 5'8" and wears size S cinched at the back. Allen is 5'11" and wears size M.