How Plant Dyed Clothes Are Healing

It's proven fact that what we put on our skin, the clothes we wear, and what food we put into our bodies impact our health, not only as individuals, but also as greater ecosystems. 'Everything is interconnected' is something that we say a lot of here at Bodies As Clothing. This is why plant dyed, naturally dyed, botanically dyed, or however you want to call it clothing is so important to us. We do our best to choose to eat food that respects the earth and our bodies, we also do our best to provide clothes that are made from truly natural materials. 

A side tangent: There's a misconception that biodegradable clothing does not last long; this is however truly false. As long as we keep our natural fibres stored and cared for properly (which requires minimal care like keeping your clothes in a closet away from moths), your natural Bodies As Clothing will last as long as your body will.

When we choose to partake in products that are made with respect to greater ecosystems, ones that are regenerative in nature, we choose to not only heal ourselves by putting healthy organic clothing on our skin, but also by contributing to larger, interconnected ecosystems of wellness; and this is at the heart of the Bodies As Clothing mission. 

Bodies As Clothing by Allen Litton Campaign Shot Waterfall

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