Who & Why

The Bodies As Clothing mission is to reawaken compassion for regenerative societies. How? For now, through the power of fashion inspired by pre-industrial cultures to remind us that everything is interconnected, and reawaken a widely lost, yet now much needed sense of animistic sustainability. What does it mean to be a compassionate thing that feels? How would we treat things differently if we believed that like us, they too are all feeling things?

Bodies As Clothing was conceptualised between print studio and 'Poetry and Mind' seminars in 2014 at Cornell University by Allen Litton. Allen then rigorously researched and explored the concept throughout his M.A. Fashion Futures thesis at the London College of Fashion.

Over a span of 5 years, Allen has built partnerships with a number of artisans whose beliefs are rooted in an animistic culture; the people largely responsible for bringing Bodies As Clothing to life in 2021.

Bodies As Clothing's partners share the same respect for people and their communities, environment, and the cosmos above. Currently spread throughout the storied island of Bali, Indonesia, our partners range from a co-op that trains underprivileged women in North Bali the empowering art of batik, a natural dye house a two hour motorbike drive away through foggy mountains and jungles, to a woman owned garment workshop in central Bali that feels like home, to a jewellery workshop in South West Bali where the gold and silver smiths listen to music whilst completing work that they take pride in.