Why 'Sustainability' Has Nothing To Do With New Technologies

Sustainability has nothing to do with new technologies. In fact, one can argue that it is modern technology that got humanity into this climate crisis in the first place! Centuries ago, first nations peoples lived in harmony with land and environment. If anything, sustainability has more to do with spirituality than it does with what comes to mind when most people think of technology (think high-tech innovations and wearable fibres made by a synthesis of fruit peelings).

Spiritual solutions (for a lack of a better description) to sustainability are an important part of our mission at Bodies As Clothing: To Reawaken sentience for a regenerative world, by merging the software of interconnected animistic spirituality with the hardware of garments and accessories to help wearers be reminded that we are feeling, interconnected beings that do not live passively 'on' mother earth, but with mother earth. 

You can continue reading about this topic on an earlier blog post written by Allen Litton in 2011 here.

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