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The dreamer flies and floats with the wind, with large, wing-like triangular sleeves inspired by the robes of pre-industrial cultures. Use the sleeves as secret pockets to surprise a friend with something-some flower petals, perhaps. Featuring hand casted brass buttons from the Tausug people of the Philippines.  The Tausug, literally meaning 'people of the current', live in deep connection with the ocean. The first 6 jackets made use the original brass buttons hand-casted by the Tausug themselves. Following jackets will feature the buttons re-made by artisans in Bali, with the Tausug people’s permission. 

  • 100% organic cotton ikat grown and spun in Java, handwoven in Bali
  • 100% natural cotton lining grown, spun, and woven in Java
  • 100% botanical dyes, hand dyed in Bali
  • Natural cotton labels hand printed with botanical ink in Bali
  • Reclaimed brass buttons casted in Bali
  • GOTS certified undyed organic cotton sewing thread grown and spun in India
  • Cut and sewn with care in Bali

Limited stock available for immediate shipment.

Models are wearing size M. Additional sizes are currently in the making. To request a particular size, please contact hello@bodiesasclothing.com with your chest (pit to pit), arm, and top lengths.

See Size Chart


Dreamer Jacket Size Guide

 Size Chest- Pit to Pit (cm/in) Arm Length- Shoulder to Wrist (cm/in) Length- Back Neck to Hem (cm/in)
M 65/25 65/25 42.5/17