The Value of Plant Dyed Clothing

There are many reasons why we as a brand have decided to commit to using plant dyes for all of our collections. First and foremost, plant dyes, coming directly from plants, connect us more to our botanical environment through our clothing, much more so than synthetic dyes do. The message of Bodies As Clothing is to remind us, through the communicative tool of fashion, that everything is interconnected, ultimately to this idea of 'nature'. The idea that came about during industrialisation that humans and nature are separate is something that we as Bodies As Clothing are aiming to dispel: Humans and Nature are one. As plant dyes come directly from nature, there is also much less energy, waste, and resources needed to make plant dyes versus synthetic dyes. More benefits of plant dyed clothing include: Being non-toxic, non-allergic, and biodegradable. This means that plant dyed clothing is great for your skin, your body's largest organ that slowly absorbs all of the ingredients of your clothing. As everything is interconnected, this means that plant dyed clothing is not only good for your own body, but also the other bodies of Nature, such as the ocean, rivers, and other waterways. This is what inspired our first collection, Forgotten Lungs, a reference to our oceans that produce more than 80% of our planet's breathable oxygen. Using plant dyes, we help ensure that all of the processes used to create our first collection protect and do not harm our oceans, our 'Forgotten Lungs'. Moreover (and this is something that most people don't know!), plant dyed clothing has a more effective UV absorption rate than synthetically dyed clothing in general. This means that wearing plant dyed clothing and apparel will protect your skin from the sun more effectively than synthetically dyed clothing. Plant dyed clothing does however have some downsides. The natural colouring, although more vibrant, gradually fades over time, and may change colour when it reacts with sweat or other acidic liquids such as lemon juice. Many of us have learned to appreciate these faults of plant dyes! Overall, natural dyes are infinitely better for the environment and our bodies.

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