Ifugao Bulul Totem Pendant

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The Bulul is a symbol of protection from the Ifugao people of Northern Luzon, The Philippines. Used to guard rice terraces and homes, the sculpture is believed to embody ancestral power from which protection is granted, and negative energy removed.

The original sample made by the Ifugao people, of which there are only two in the world, was gifted to Allen by Yakang Yaka Barter, founded by Mariam M. who supports indigenous communities throughout the Philippines by providing a market for their multidisciplinary artistry, and raising awareness of their culture.

As the Ifugao community that produced the sample no longer have the capacity to create more pieces, the pendants are now being produced in gold plated silver by artisans in Bali.

15% of sales will be redistributed directly to Ifugao communities in the Philippines.

- 22k gold plated 925 silver

-hand woven 925 silver chain (optional)

-hand made by artisans in Bali

This item is made to order and will ship 2 weeks after the order date.

(Photos are of brass casted original Ifugao made sample)